Giuliano Bernardi, artisanal photographer

Giuliano Bernardi, Wedding photographer in Trentino

My name is Giuliano. Wedding photography is my passion. I want to make your day unforgettable, capture it in unique pictures. To tell the story of your special day, for which you have prepared so long.

Wedding photography is a challenge: On such a special day, which two people have prepared for months, on which they have dressed up so diligently and everything around them happens only because of them, everything has to be perfect. I look for a suitable scenery apart from the events, let the bridal couple whisper together and: the perfect wedding photo is ready.

It’s important to me not to attract attention on a day when you’re supposed to be the center of attention. I always hold myself back, but don’t miss a moment. Especially in the church or in the registration office it is important that the photographer is familiar with his equipment and makes no unnecessary noises. In wedding photography, by the way, I only use lightning at a late hour.


How to choose the right wedding photographer?

I am aware that it is not easy as a bridal couple to find out from this flood of wedding photographers the one who is best suited for you. Especially for the wedding day, it is of most importance that the photographer is able to meet your needs. A photographer who has a sense of what moments mean something to you and who knows how to capture the magic of this unique day. A photographer who succeeds in making the special moments visible while remaining almost invisible himself. And of course the chemistry between you and the photographer has to be right.

To make the decision easier for you, I invite you to meet me before the wedding. You can have a look at my previous work and we can explore together if we have the same understanding of what kind of photos you want to take home from the wedding day.

Feel free to stop by at my photography shop or to schedule a meeting.